Mission: Alleviate poverty in the world without causing harm in the process

Goal: Help many people make more money with no out of pocket risk

Objective: Everyone knows about the goodness NilTillGazil offers

Method: Gentle word of mouth, offline & online advertising

Details / Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q1: Is this one of those get rich quick schemes?

A: No. You may think of it as a get rich slow plan, but it can also be thought of as a way to simply make more money, perhaps enough to make life a little easier. Different people have different needs and goals, and different amounts of time and effort they are willing and able to put into this business to meet those needs and goals.

Q2: If I follow your plan, will I get rich?

A: Maybe yes and maybe no. It is a plan to get rich, using an innovative system, not a guaranty. Do you have regular access to a desktop or laptop computer with internet access? Are you good at reading and following instructions? Are you willing to work at this a few hours a day for as long as it takes to reach your financial goals? If “yes”, then your chances are good.

Q3: Is this something I can do easily?
A: Again, it depends on who you are and what you are able to do. If you are able to read instructions in English, follow them, and get into a routine that you stick to, then it can become easy. Most people will need to climb a learning curve at first but, with determination and effort, the system will become easier and easier, and more and more satisfying and rewarding.

Q4: Is my personal information protected with your company?

A: Yes. Any personal information you entrust to us is privacy protected. Your information will never be sold to anyone. Member information is generally accessible only to our administrative staff, your sponsor if you’ve granted permission, and those whom you sponsor if you’ve granted permission. Exceptions may be made for law enforcement officers in extraordinary circumstances on a case by case basis, and in such cases a warrant will be asked to be shown.

Q5: How much time do I need to put in working with this system in order to be successful?

A: Generally, the more you work our system, the more money you will make and the faster you will make it. Also important is consistent effort. If you make a daily work schedule and follow it strictly, that will be great.

Q6: I’m confused about the spelling of the name of this program. What is is the correct way to spell it, and what incorrect spellings have you seen?

A: The correct way to spell it is Nil (with one L) Till (with two Ls) Gazil (with one L). It is also correct to run the three parts together as one so it looks like this: NilTillGazil. Some common misspellings that I’ve seen are Nill Till Gazill or NillTillGazill (with two Ls for each word), Nil ‘Til Gazil or NilTilGazil (with one L for each word and an apostrophe in front of the T when the word is broken up), and Mil (or Mill) Till Gazil or MilTillGazil (with an M in place of the N). To avoid confusion, you can simply call it NTG!

Q7: Would you explain in detail how Nil Till Gazil works so I may know better how I will make money?

A: The best way to understand NTG is to just join and follow the step-by-step instructions provided to logged in members. I’m happy to provide as much detail as you’d like before you join, however, the fact it has lots of complicated aspects should not scare you off. Think of NTG as a vehicle for your success. You can drive a vehicle without knowing everything about putting a car together and making it run. Not every driver needs to be a mechanic. Likewise, you can make money with NTG without being an expert in this system. So, feel free to read on, but if you find yourself stuck on a concept, either ask a question on a sticky point or just expect it to become clearer later on while you move forward making money.

Nil Till Gazil (NTG) gives people ways to start of making small amounts of money, then redirect what they made into bigger and bigger amounts using a computer, Internet, intelligence, patience, effort, and no starting capital. If all goes well, you will be making money from many different third-party commission earning programs while promoting only one referral link, the latter provided by us.

You start at zero, meaning no money out of your pocket, not even a penny — “nil”.

Next, you become a member of NTG by clicking the bright JOIN NOW button from the home page, filling in the online form that will come up, then clicking the bright red and white “Join Nil Till Gazil” button you will see at the bottom of that page.

After that, click the Login link, so you can enter as a member using your chosen username and password.

After you have logged in you will see the Members home page, which is one of several member pages. On that page you may see current announcements near the top. Below the announcements area are instructions on “How To Use Nil Till Gazil”. Read any announcements and all instructions. Follow the instructions. Advance at your own speed.

On the left side of all member pages you will find another menu – a vertical one – on the left side of the page. From that menu, click on the text link that says “Downline Builder“. Clicking that will open up a page with links to several categories of membership websites. Detailed descriptions of all the different categories are presented there. The different categories are presented in the order you’ll go through them from first to last (with return visits), numbered one to five.

Following the numbered order, explore, learn about, and join all component programs in the first category, “Foundational Programs”. Every foundational programs is free to join. Access them all by clicking on the button that says “1. Foundational Programs”. That will take you to the Foundational Programs access page where all the current foundational programs we are presently using in NTG are listed. It is best if you start at the top of the list and work your way down, joining, learning about, and getting familiar with each through active use, one by one. Be sure to read the program in question’s “Terms of Service” or “Policies and Procedures” page before joining each of them. That is true for component programs in all categories.

Gateway Pages

Every time you click on a component program’s name button that you see on the access page for each category, you will be taken to that individual component program’s “Gateway Page”. Gateway pages have red coloured text-style referral links near the top of the program’s information box, on the left side. To the right of it you should see a code field and an example of what your code might look like (e.g. numbers, numbers and letters, all letters, or what-have-you). Below these two areas are “Update Info” and “Clear Entry” buttons to help you with entering your own referral code into the NTG system. Finally, below those two buttons, is where we have entered text, graphic, or audio-visual information to help you understand the program. Of course, such info is no substitute for spending time on the program’s website and reading what is there, but we hope what we provide will help speed your entry into the program and increase your chances of success with it.

Joining Programs

To join a program, click the red-font referral link in the upper left corner of the program presented. Such referral links belong to other NTG members, those who directly or indirectly helped you learn of our program. To thank those who gave you this chance to make money, click these referral links as you join the available component programs.


As you sign up in each membership site, enter and save your own referral code (which will probably look similar to the example) so people who follow after you will have you as their sponsor. That will help you earn commissions and advertising credits. To do this, copy and paste from the member area of the component program in question — or type-in your referral code for the program — into the blank field near the top right corner of the program’s information box. Then click the “update info” button on the program gateway presentation page to save your changes. If you make a mistake, click the “clear entry” button and try again. If have trouble with this process, ask for help. The first time you go through this process you might find it confusing. Don’t worry. It gets easier as you code more and more component programs

Foundational Programs

Joining the component program sites in the first category, and entering your referral code into the NTG system sets the foundation of your business as an NTG independent representative. Foundational programs allow you to run the financial side of an online business, process earnings so you can pay others and yourself, and customize your marketing approach more expertly so you can promote NTG in a way that will cause more people to follow you.

Take time to learn all about the foundational programs, and put your knowledge to good use.

Preliminary Programs

Next, explore, learn about, and join all the component programs in the second category, “Preliminary Programs”. Afterwards, find your referral codes for these programs, identify them, copy, then paste or type them into the blank fields. Always remember to save your work by clicking “Update Info”.

The component programs in this second category are free to join and help you promote your links on traffic exchange websites, banner exchanges, safelists (where people opt-in to get emailed offers in exchange for being allowed to email that list), and so on. If you use these to promote your NTG referral link, others may follow you into NTG. If they then work the NTG system you could earn credits and commissions as they progress as your reward for referring them.

Primary Programs

Component programs in the third category, Primary Programs, are free to join. They allow you to earn small amounts of money from looking at ads. They may also allow you to earn commissions and advertising credits from what your followers do! Earning fractions of pennies with every action will add up, session after session, eventually becoming dollars. For most programs I like to withdraw funds when I’ve earned $10, but the payout threshold allowed can vary from program to program. Don’t let small numbers at the start discourage you! They can rise with active referrals earning you overrides on what they earn, and it all adds up over time. The money you earn with Primary programs provides you with funds for category four and five programs where potential earnings are high.

How much these “Get Paid To” (GPT) programs pay does vary a lot, but for the sake of providing a general idea, based on experience, the modal average amount paid is about one tenth of a cent per ad view. If that estimate is accurate, then it will take 10,000 ad views to earn $10 in “seed money”. Of course, some ad views will pay more and others less. Sometimes glitches happen, but just press on. Based on the above estimate it could take 100 days of looking at 100 ads a day to earn $10, which is a good payout threshold target.

There are payout thresholds for all these programs, and they also vary. One component program might have a threshold of $2.50 while another might have a threshold of $10. Some will pay you without your asking (assuming you’ve filled out your payment information correctly and completely), while others pay only after you request payment. It is your responsibility to learn how each component program works and follow their procedures properly.

Primary programs will pay into the online payment processor account you joined early on. As money in your online payment processor account reaches key amounts, you will be able to work with the Core component programs you will find listed in Category 4.

Offline Marketing

As you’ve joined programs in the first three categories of component programs, and entered your referral codes for them, you should have at least become somewhat familiar with methods of referring people to NTG. Around the time you start joining the Core programs of Category 4 you should be stepping up your efforts to build a large group of NTG followers who will eventually follow you into these programs, since the financial compensation plans of Core programs are very commission oriented, and offer much higher earning potential than the Primary programs of Category 3.

Getting your referral link out on the internet in various traffic exchange (TE) sites, such as ones listed as “Preliminary” or “Category 2” component programs, will increase the chances of people joining up with you as their sponsor. Definitely use TEs and other online methods. But online marketing is not the only way to gain referrals in NTG. Word of mouth advertising can open people’s minds to possibilities amazingly well. It’s only natural to share with friends, family and others in our lives things we love! The question then becomes, “How to share well so everyone feels good about it?”

Most people need to learn what words to say, and what words not to say in order to be successful in this business. You can learn a lot from the brilliant network marketing expert Tom “Big Al” Schreiter. What my mentor, Big Al, teaches works well. Much of what he teaches is available for free to his email subscribers. His material is both generic and non-commissionable (that is it works with any network marketing business opportunities, and I do not get paid for promoting him or his work). An example of the respectful approach taught by Big Al is to not talk, but listen to people’s problems; after hearing them, ask if they’d like to do something about it. If they say “yes”, then you can offer them the key to solving the problem, such as a card featuring your NTG referral link.

One thing I’ve learned from Big Al is that most prospects are already pre-sold. They need to make more money and they know it. If they have a computer with internet, the ability to follow instructions, and time on their hands, they fit the candidate profile well. Ask them THE QUESTION; “Do you know anyone who might be interested in making money online without risking a penny out of pocket?” THE QUESTION is the key. It can raise a lot of excitement and interest in an instant! Your respondent may say, “Yeah! Me!”. After that, offer to email or text message your referral link, and let them click it to learn more.

If they agree to accept the email and click the link, and you’ve sent it to them, that’s it. You’ve done your job. There’s no need to say more. Overplaying your hand might undo the positive work you’ve done. Just smile warmly, knowing you’ve done good.

Note: we provide a tools for broader offline marketing. As a member, in our Promo Centre, you may access pdf files to create attractive looking customizable flyers, business, and even bulletin cards to print out at home or with the help of a professional.

Core Programs

To help you ease into the Core Programs of category four, we’ve positioned these component programs in this downline builder section in order of lowest cost at top to highest cost at the bottom. At the time of this writing (2019.07.01), the lowest cost Core component program requires a payment of $2 USD.

When you are ready, with sufficient funds in your online payment processor account paid to you from your earnings in the “primary” or “category three” programs, join Core Programs in the fourth category. After joining each program, enter into the NTG downline builder your new referral codes so others can follow you in and, with their purchases, earn you commissions on sales.

Core programs generaly require no more than a one time qualifying purchase payment in order to earn. Upgrades for them are typically paid out of your in-program earnings.

After you’ve got a good handle on fourth category businesses, and earnings from them are coming to you by the hundreds of dollars, then explore, learn about and join, one at a time, the component programs in the fifth category. As usual, enter your new referral codes into the downline builder and save them.

Advanced Programs

To earn from component programs in the fifth category, “Advanced Programs”, one must generally spend moderate amounts of money on a regular, typically monthly, basis. For the most part, advanced programs require you to make “qualifying purchases” to “qualify” for commission payments. In the NTG system, you join advanced programs only after you have made enough money with Category Four component programs to afford making requisite qualifying purchases out of profits you’ve already earned.

Retrace Your Steps

After you’ve become successful with component programs in all five categories, return to the earlier categories and raise your status in each. For example, maybe you started off as a free member with one program, and now it may make sense to rise in status there by paying money to become a “pro member”, “verified customer”, “wholesale member”, or whatever term the individual program might use. If you look into upgrade offers, you will probably see advantages for doing this, and at this point you can afford it.

The Big Picture

The NTG system is here to help people, those with time to work and will to succeed, to make lots of money — maybe gazillions — with no out-of-pocket start-up costs (other than the cost of a computer and Internet connection, which many people already have). Great opportunities are here at hand for such people without much, if any, financial risks.

Q8: Whose idea was it to ease people gradually from no-cost “get paid to view ads” business opportunities, to low cost network marketing ones, and eventually into MLM programs that generally cost more but pay best?

A: It was me, Tom Salsberg, from Toronto, Canada. I’m the founder and administrator of Nil Till Gazil. I work to make life better for people. I’ve been a record store sales clerk, singer/songwriter, poet, actor, editor of books and websites, school teacher, psychotherapist, network marketer, a committee member and active outreach volunteer with vegetarian, vegan and animal rights organizations, a partisan administrative and policy wonk and even a candidate in electoral politics (now non-partisan independent, and have been for many years now). I desire to help people help themselves out of financial holes in a way that takes no money out of their pockets. I do so using Internet and computer technology, available now to billions of people, and soon billions more as satellite Internet becomes more available. In 2005 I built a website called “My Computer Makes Me Money”; it was a very simplistic predecessor of the more advanced website you see before you now. Over many years, through trial, error, and learning from experience, along with great help from technically skilled web designers who were able to put my ideas into effect, and good friends willing to provide me with constructive criticisms (i.e. Kitty, Stan, Tammy, and Tia), I’m very glad to now offer Nil Till Gazil.

Q9: How is Nil Till Gazil different from other downline builders you’ve encountered over the years, Tom?

A: I’ve seen many downline builders when I was transitioning from real life network marketing to online network marketing, but those ones always wanted members to pay money out of their pockets before having earned anything. Instantly I saw a problem with that and what a better way would be. I looked, but saw no one else making that better downline builder I imagined, so I did it myself. The result is this website, NilTillGazil.com, launched January 1st, 2018. I hope people will love it and, through its’ use, become strong financially. If they do, we may significantly reduce world poverty virally.

Q10: Might any of the businesses you include in your system fail or go bad? If so, what will you do when that happens?

A: Yes, any business can fail or go bad. Through screening we try and only include businesses that will last and stay good a lifetime. No one knows for sure, though, what the future will bring. If and when sad news about one of our included programs comes up, we will email members about the problem. In case of a serious problem, expect immediate suspension of that program. If and when that problem is fixed, expect restoration to the system. If the problem looks like it won’t get corrected, expect the program to be moved to the archives. After a program has been archived for so long its’ failure is no longer “news”, deletion from our system is likely to follow.

Q11: It sounds like you have high standards for inclusion of online businesses in the five categories NTG presents. What are they?

A: Yes. We use criteria we believe are minimally required for network marketing companies in Canada. We know of no country with higher standards. Here is our check-list for a business to be included as a component program within our system:

– If a multi-level marketing company requires of sales and marketing people the purchase of a license or some sort of kit, the company must offer a refund for that purchase within a reasonable amount of time, such as a week or a month, should the sales or marketing person resign.

– Multi-level marketing companies must provide earnings for its marketers that come from direct or indirect product or service sales, not numbers of people recruited.

– Multi-level marketing companies must not engage in “inventory loading”. That means selling at wholesale more product to a marketer than he or she would reasonably be able to sell at retail.

– If a multi-level marketing company makes any representation of possible earnings, be it high (example: “You can earn up to $1,500 a day!”) or low (example: “Let me show you how to make an extra $500 a month!”), it must provide average representative figures of what its’ marketers have recently earned, unless it is a new company, in which case estimates will be acceptable. Companies that do not make representations of possible earnings are exempt from this requirement because, in such cases, there is no need to counter hyperbole.

In addition to the above criteria, which comes from our interpretation of Canadian law (i.e. the Competition Act of Canada, 1986, sections 55 and 56), we also…

– will not participate in the direct selling of products made from animals (e.g. hard animal gelatine capsules, soft glycerine capsules, beeswax, etc.), nor those which are tested on animals, because such practices involve needless cruelty. The fundamental values on which NTG was founded, namely kindness and consideration towards all living beings, prohibits such sales. In cases of prospective component business opportunities that primarily sell nutritional and/or skin care products, long-term perpetual commitment to vegan principles is sought.

– will not participate in marketing products or services from any company we find engages in misleading, fraudulent, illegal, unethical or immoral actions.

– only work with companies headquartered and primarily run in a country or countries listed as “free” by Freedom House at FreedomHouse.org.

– do what every person interested in making money through online business opportunities should do — run the name of the website under consideration through major search engines along with keywords like “review”, “problems” and that dreaded expression, “scam”.

– positively look for legitimate businesses that seem built to last and likely to be money makers for our members worldwide.

– test programs in cooperation with other successful online marketers, such as our top referrers, who volunteer to join us in the testing and evaluation process before coming to a conclusion as to any program’s worth as a possible addition to our system.

– will give priority preference to businesses which use the network marketing friendly online payment processor, SolidTrust Pay (STP).

– will give priority preference to businesses which provide information on their websites in both English and French. English is a must.

– will check the Terms Of Service for any prospective component program to ensure its’ inclusion in the NTG downline builder is permitted, or at least not prohibited.

Q12: May I suggest a program for you to add to your downline builder?

A: Yes, if it matches the above strict criteria then fill in the Form-To-Email on the Contact page and use “Program that Fits NTG Criteria” as your subject header. Please provide a description of the program and into which category you believe it might fit. Right now we are keen to add more “Core” programs (aka “Category 4”). Feel free to include your own referral link.

Q13: What happens when you add a new component program to your downline builder?

A: Adding a new component program to the downline builder can cause a lot of commotion, so we try not to do it too often. If a new program has been added one month, unless it is urgent we do so, we will avoid adding another for thirty days or so. Before adding a new program, I will do a careful investigation about it on my own. If it seems like it might be good for the membership, I will ask a few of the top sponsors to give it their consideration and feedback. I will consider all views shared with me, then make my decision. If I plan to add it, I will send out an email notice to let members know the change is coming. This will give them time to co-ordinate lines of sponsorship, so those who wish to honour traditional sponsor-sponsored roles can maintain them, contacting one another and deciding who in the line will join first, second, third, etcetera. How much time for this coordination to take place before I create a gateway page for the program to be newly added? That is to be decided. Feedback on this question is welcome.

Q14: Is there anything else I should know about component programs in the NTG system?

A: Understand that each component program is run by different owners and administrators, all with their own terms of service (TOS), compensation plans, support systems, etcetera. Before joining any component program, take time to read and understand that program’s TOS. A lot of them only allow one account per household in order to prevent fraud and exploitation. Some even prohibit use of networked WiFi as provided by schools, cafés, and so on! We wish they weren’t so strict, but they have a right to run their businesses as they like, and we respect their right to do so. If you cannot comply with their TOS, skip that component program; don’t join it. Only join the ones that fit you well. Bear in mind that in time your circumstances might change and what was not a good fit at one time might become one later on, at which time you can join and add your code for that program to the NTG downline builder.

Q15: Is Nil Till Gazil an MLM or network marketing company?

A: No. At this time we do not sell anything. We offer a free downline building service for selected third party online businesses, most of which pay commissions on direct sales by referrals to referrers and some also pay commissions on indirect sales as well. Commissions from indirect sales can be thought of as “multi-level marketing” (MLM) or “network marketing”. We systematically curate, in sequential fashion, these third party online businesses (aka “component programs”) to help bring our members maximum financial success with zero out-of-pocket financial risk.

Q16: If what you offer is free, how do you make money?

A: Just like all members are encouraged to do, we actively promote the system online and offline including our referral links. This allows us to earn at the same time as it helps us know how the system is working for the general benefit of members. We also sell limited advertising, and promote other selected products and services through email and on the logout page that meet our standards — but not too much. Mostly we are about alleviating poverty in the world, which means helping others make money.

Q17: If, before joining NTG, I already was a member of some “component program(s)”, may I use my referral code(s) for it/them within your system?

A: Yes.

Q18: May I skip joining and coding a “component program” in NTG? What will happen if I do?

A: Yes, you may. In some cases, such as when you are sharing a WiFi connection and the component program in question prohibits in its’ Terms Of Service (TOS) two members using the same WiFi, that might be a good reason to skip joining. Please note that people who join NTG as your referrals may still join any component program you skip. If and when they do, because you did not enter and save your own codes, someone else’s referral code will be there by default for the people you sponsored. Another thing to consider is that we currently (2019) are offering a valuable bonus for those who code all component programs in the first three categories. You might miss out on that bonus by skipping.

Q19: May I spend out-of-pocket money on component programs?

A: Yes, you are free to load your online payment processor(s) with money out of your own pocket and use it to advance quickly through the five categories of component programs. This approach could lead to earning money faster and saving time. Just remember, though, that this is putting your own money at risk, which is not what the NTG System teaches its members to do. We do not advocate the approach in question, but we will not penalize any member for using it either.

Q20: What are the mean, modal and median average amounts of money earned by people who join NTG, and what are the outside ranges?

A: NTG is not an MLM or network marketing company and makes no financial claims. We are, thus, not required to provide such information. Nevertheless, we wish and plan to report average earning statistics of our members. We will run surveys annually every January, starting in 2020, in hopes of being able to provide an answer to this question. We ask members to please keep records of their daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual earnings so they will be able to take our surveys.

Q21: Do you provide refunds?

A: Yes, conditionally. Canceled ad purchases are fully refundable up until the day and time they are posted. Once ads have begun to circulate, we offer no refunds. However, upon request, we may allow ad changes.

Q22: Do you have an affiliate program on the sale of pro memberships?

A: No, we do not. Membership in NTG is totally free. There are no membership fees, nor are there any licensing fees. We have no intention of charging for these things in the future.

Q23: This is a great program! I can’t wait to join and start sending out my referral link to everyone through emails, text messages, and everywhere online! That’s okay, isn’t it?

A: No. I’m glad you like NTG, but am sorry to say that governmental laws and industry standards prevent people doing that without first getting permission from the emailed or messaged recipient. What you described is called “unsolicited commercial email or text messaging”, also known as “spam”. Spam is a big problem, and should not be done. If you are reported to be spamming and we hear of it, then unfortunately we must at least suspend, and probably also delete your account. We would rather not, so please be careful to only send emails about NTG to people who have specifically agreed to receive news from you about business. That goes also for purchased lists of strangers alleged to have made such an agreement. Such lists are often years old, and many of the people on the list have forgotten they gave permission to be contacted about business opportunities, or have asked to be removed from the list but, wrongly, had their names left on. This can lead to very serious problems for a lot of people, including you, so do not use such lists in your promotions of our system. Stick to traffic exchanges, banner exchanges, safelists, face to face word of mouth, legally posted posters, business cards, and the like. If you are not sure if what you are thinking about doing, contact us with the specifics and ask if it would be a problem or not.

Q24: I’d like my non-profit organization to use NTG as a way of raising funds. Is that permissible? If so, how could it be done?

A: Maybe yes. Maybe no. A lot depends on what your organization’s constituting documents have written into them, as well as the laws of the land by which your organization is regulated. For example, does it state in the documents that the organization may raise money through direct and indirect commission earnings? If not, might your board of directors find a way to have such wording added?

Assuming such wording is in place, and any other possible legal obstacles have been cleared by the organization’s legal experts, there are certain practical steps that will need to be taken, as follows:

i. There has to be someone dedicated to serving as the project manager. There are certain essential criteria for the person who shall fill this role.

(a) He or she must be authorized to do so by an appropriate authority, such as, perhaps, your organization’s board of directors. Not only this, but the work being done by the project manager should be recognized by people working for the organization such as receptionists, secretaries, principals, etcetera.

(b) The project manager should not be a member of the board of directors at the time of taking on the role of project manager, and once taking on this role he or she probably will never be allowed to serve on the board of directors again. The reason for the exclusion of project managers from boards of directors is to protect the organization from the appearance of any director using their position on the board to gain profit for him or herself.

(c) The project manager also should not be a member of NTG at the time of taking on the role, and if he or she already is, then he or she should quit membership in NTG and all the component programs, rejoining only after the organization joins and the project manager is able to join with the organization as his or her sponsor.

ii. The project manager will be tasked with registering the name of the organization into the NTG membership application form, as well as the other information required for completing the application, such as an email address which he or she has access to in order to receive our confirmation email and click on the link within it.

iii. The project manager will be tasked with following the NTG system as if he or she were himself the member. This means joining whatever component programs within the five categories of our downline builder that will accept a registration from the corporate entity which is the non-profit organization. A government provided non-profit corporation identification number will be needed in some cases.

iv. The project manager will be tasked with informing the membership of the non-profit organization of the existence of the project being run by him or her. He or she will provide the NTG referral link of the organization to all members of the organization simultaneously, or as simultaneously as possible, in order to avoid the appearance of favouritism. In the announcement, the project manager should emphasize the fund-raising value to the organization of as many members as possible signing up directly through the non-profit organization’s referral link. After the announcement has gone out and been received by the membership, only then should the project manager consider opting into membership personally with NTG. The same would almost 100% certainly be true for the members of the board of directors, since it is generally understood that board members may help an organization raise funds but they may not earn money off of the fund raising activities of the organization.

v. If the project manager opts to also join NTG, he or she should probably use a device with internet access that has a different IP address than the one associated with the non-profit organization’s registrations and other related activities. A lot of programs prohibit anyone having more than one account, and even though there would be one corporate account and one natural person account in this situation, it is best to avoid the appearance of one natural person operating two separate accounts under what might appear to be an assumed identity. Hence the suggestion for using two different computers or other internet accessible devices with two different IP addresses.

vi. The project manager would be wise to create a support group for members of the non-profit organization participating in the NTG fundraising project, so that the participating people wishing it could help one another.

vii. The project manager should understand that, even though, at the beginning of the project, there was an emphasis on the fund-raising value to the organization of as many members as possible signing up directly through the non-profit organization’s referral link, over time there will be organic development of growth with some members of the non-profit organization, who signed up early themselves, sponsoring other members of the non-profit organization who had not signed up at the time of the initial announcement. This is perfectly natural and should not be discouraged in any way. That’s not to say the non-profit organization’s referral link shouldn’t continue to be promoted over time. It should; friendly competition in business is healthy, as we have learned from the great doctor of philosophy and economics, Adam Smith. Even though not all members of your non-profit organization will be directly sponsored into NTG and the component programs therein, the vast majority of them, even after years of running the project, will likely be part of the non-profit organization’s downline — even if separated by some degrees.

viii. The project manager would need to serve as an intermediary between the non-profit organization’s treasurer and the third-party businesses that make up the variety of NTG component programs, especially the online payment processor(s).

ix. The project manager would need to serve as an intermediary between the non-profit organization’s accountancy professionals and the third-party businesses that make up the variety of NTG component programs.

x. There should be a back-up plan in place on how to keep the project being managed if and when the person in that role needs to take a temporary or permanent leave from the position. For example, the project manager could take on an apprentice, with board of directors approval, and the understanding would be that the apprentice would from time to time fill in or eventually take-over the role of project manager.

xi. It should be noted that even though corporate entities, such as charities, may join Nil Till Gazil, not all component programs that are included in the NTG downline builder are necessarily open in this way. The project manager must carefully read the terms of service of each component program within the NTG downline builder and avoid putting the corporation in jeopardy. If a component program does not allow corporations to join, leave the referral field for that component program empty of any referral code in the NTG downline builder.

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