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Advertise on Nil Till Gazil

Do you want to target your advertising to enthusiastic netrepreneurs?

Our members are keen to succeed in online business activities. They have all set their sights on great financial success. Your legal product, service, opportunity or charitable activity might be just what they are looking for!

We offer a great advertising opportunity on our niche website at wonderfully low prices!
$3.00CAD per 1000 Banner Impressions rotated at the top of each member page.
$1.50CAD per 1000 Banner Impressions rotated at the bottom of each member page.
Ready to advertise? Complete the Advertising Application form here:

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We reserve the right to reject any advertisement for any reason, be it content, technical matters, external circumstances, etcetera.
As a general rule, we do not accept ads pertaining to sex, religion, nor politics.
Absolutely no illegal or unethical schemes are allowed.
To advertise on this website, you must currently be a member in good standing of, and a legal resident of Canada.
Upon ad approval from the administrator of this website, you may make your payment by cheque or money order payable to Mr. Salsberg at the address you will find on the Contact page.

In the future we plan to offer electronic methods of payment.

Please allow sufficient time for your cheque to arrive by mail and to be cleared by our financial institution. For faster service, please use a certified cheque or money order.

Refund Policy
Canceled ad purchases are fully refundable up until the day and time they are posted. Once ads have begun to circulate, we offer no refunds. Please use the “Contact Us” form to enquire about cancellations and corresponding refunds, providing details with your request.


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